A bit about me...

I was born on August 8, 1971 (therefore I am 27 years old), and have lived in Kitchener since coming to Canada on March 2, 1974. I was born in Footscray (Melbourne), Australia to two Croatian parents.

I have spent nearly 20 years in Croatian folklore, 13 as a dancer, 14 as a musician, and the last 6 as an instructor, of dance, instrumental and vocal with two different groups. As of the 1999-2000 season, I'm once again back in the fold, playing with Živa Grana Hrvatske and the Lado Tamburitzans in Hamilton; and Nova Nada in Detroit. I dabble in music and play over 20 instruments. I have a tamburica band that plays at the door and table to table at weddings, and we are almost completely booked this summer (and have a few weddings already booked for summer 2001). I used to be in a band, and I am a composer.

I have been playing around with computers for seventeen years, and have done programming on various systems in various languages. But computing is just a hobby...

I have an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies with a minor in Croatian Studies from the University of Waterloo. I spent the 1995-1996 school year at Nipissing University in North Bay, and have received a Bachelor of Education degree with Primary/Junior qualifications. Because of my Religious Studies background, I received my OECTA Religious Education Part I Qualifications in September, 1997. Since then I have also gotten my Intermediate Qualifications, and Computer Science Part I.

Prior to the summer of 1998, I had spent my last five summers, Christmas breaks, March breaks, etc., working as a secretary/receptionist at the K-W Health Centre of the Grand River Hospital (formerly Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital). Although I am not superstitious, figure this out: my horoscope on my birthday in 1996 said, "a golden career opportunity will arise in October." On October 7, 1996, I received a phone call at 8:15 asking me to come to the hospital for an interview, I was interviewed at 12:00 noon, and at 12:30 was offered a full-time, permanent position as a ward clerk in the hemodialysis unit of the hospital. I had moved from being "the only male secretary in the hospital" to being "the only male ward clerk in the hospital".

It was at that time, while volunteering for the OKTOBERFEST Schools Committee, that I ran into a principal who was on the Substitute Teacher Hiring Panel. Within a few weeks I was interviewed, and put on the Supply List early in the new year of 1997.

I had also received a job teaching the Grade 10 Croatian International language course at the high school level here with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. In June of 1998 I completed my second year doing that. Due to a drop in enrolment (shame on the Croatian community!) I am not teaching this year. All the same, I have a full time position teaching at St. Benedict's High School now.

If you are interested in taking Croatian at the University level, you can get information about Croatian courses at the University of Waterloo website. Don't dismiss this opportunity because you aren't in Kitchener or Waterloo, most of the Croatian program at U of W is available by correspondence!

On October 24, 1996, I made my biggest purchase: a used car. If you see someone whiz by you on the 401 in a light blue 1994 Chevy Cavalier RS with a Nipissing University plate holder, that's me!! Oh, by the way I know that I cut off a bit of the car in the picture, I don't want you to know my licence plate! ;-)

Speaking of October, one of the biggest North American festivals, Oktoberfest is held in Kitchener every October. Oktoberfest would not be a success if it wasn't for all the volunteers, of which I was one. I was a member of the Schools Committee. The Schools Committee visited the schools with Onkel Hans (the Oktoberfest mascot), Miss Oktoberfest, and numerous bands (again, almost all volunteers). We also arrange for the Oktoberfest lunches at the schools, complete with Oktoberfest sausage on a bun, hot dogs, pop, and chips.

In my spare time, I enjoy being with my girlfriend. When I'm not working on my webpages, I also do a little bit of printing on the side (including books, pamphlets, and business cards).

Speaking of my webpages, thanks to Ivica Ostojic in Zagreb, Croatia, I have in my hands a copy of the Croatian NET Magazine, which in its November issue did a write up on my CroLinks pages. I am very proud of my pages, and hope to maintain and expand them for many years to come.

In early January of 1997, I was put on the supply list with the Waterloo Region Roman Catholic Separate School Board, which is the Board where I got all my elementary and high school education and, if you were paying attention above, where I already work as a Croatian heritage language instructor. Currently, I am doing neither of the above, and I am working full time at St. Benedict's Catholic Secondary School in Cambridge.

You can see my on-line resume by clicking here.

My Educational Experience

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

If you are in high school and are looking for a university, visit St. Jerome's College in Waterloo. SJC is federated with the University of Waterloo, which makes it unique among UW's Church Colleges. By being federated with the University of Waterloo, St. Jerome's College retains degree-granting status, whereas students from all the other Church colleges must go through main campus to get their degrees. SJC grads are still part of the main campus convocation ceremonies, but consider us something of a "distinct society".

St. Jerome's offers a small university setting, with all the benefits of Waterloo's main campus at the same time. Wilfrid Laurier University is just down the street. For more information on the University of St. Jerome's College click here. For more information on the University of Waterloo, click here.

North Bay, Ontario, Canada

If you are looking to attend a Faculty of Education, consider Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario. Again, it is a small campus (class sizes no greater than 40), but it offers you everything a larger university can. Just recently, Nipissing University ranked as the 3rd best University in student satisfaction (according to a survey conducted by the University of Manitoba).

Aside from its academic excellence, Nipissing's flashy posters of Einstein, Shakespeare, and the Mona Lisa (as students of the university) have all won the university awards for artistic excellence in advertising. If you want more information on Nipissing University (and to see those awesome posters!!), click here.

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